About Us


We want to say, “Thank you!” for "checking us out" here at our TFC Website! We want to provide you with some information about us, so that if you decide to worship with us (and we sincerely hope you will!), you will start to become familiar with who we are, and what we believe.  Again, thanks for finding us on the Web, and I hope you’ll choose to become a part of this great Church Family! There’s a place for everyone at Trinity Faith Church!--Pastor Terry Engler




“Trinity Faith Church seeks to be a Church that glorifies God by building a genuine community of believers who are growing in faith and fellowship, character and commitment, ministry and mission, whose desire is to saturate our community and the world with the life-changing message of the Gospel through the power of the Holy Spirit.”




Our ministry strategy is ‘Belonging, Believing, Becoming!” This simply means that our goal is to extend belonging and value to every person we meet!—whether they come through our Church doors, or whether we meet them outside of the Church! In doing so, we believe that to be the beginning of a journey that will eventually lead them to believing in the same Jesus who has changed and transformed our lives! Once they profess belief in Jesus, and receive Him as the Lord of their life, then, through the power of the Holy Spirit working inside of them, they can begin the lifelong process of becoming all that Christ created them to be, and to do!




In addition to our Weekly Sunday Morning Worship Service, Trinity Faith offers a wide-range of ministries designed to meet the need of every person! We offer “TRINITY K.I.D.S.”, a  Wednesday evening gathering of children from 4-11; beginning at 6:00, we serve a delicious meal, to be followed by times of worship, teaching, and loads and loads of fun! The Meal is also available to our Youth, who after eating, enjoy a Youth Service of worship, learning, and as always, lots of fun and activities!


We also offer a Wednesday Evening Adult Bible Study that begins at 6:30; Pastor Terry leads this study of the Word, and facilitates a very interactive time of study.


Throughout the calendar year, there are many opportunities for fun, food, and fellowship! Our ladies have a monthly Craft Night, led by some of the most creative women around! Our men meet on the third Saturday of each month for an early morning breakfast and Bible Study.  Picnics; barbeques; fun nights; and most of all, enjoying the fellowship of “people who share common beliefs and faith in Jesus!”--all of these things combined, make TFC a Church that will make an exciting difference in your life, and that of your family! So, we need you to come join us, and share in the shaping of our vision for the community of Liberal, KS and surrounding area!