Hi, this is Terry, and I want to thank you for coming back to join me! In today's blog, I want to talk to you about identifying issues in your life. Many times, we look at ourselves, and see something other than what is plainly obvious to others. There is a popular old adage that I want us to consider today: “If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck!”

Often , the way that we use that old adage as it relates to people, is simply stating that how a certain person acts or talks is a reasonably accurate description of his or her character. For example: if you have the tendency to tell lies, then chances are, you’re a liar! You may not believe that you’re a liar, but if the lies are there as proof, you must be a liar, whether you believe it or not! You see, if someone behaves a certain way, it doesn't matter what they the say about themselves, they ARE how they ACT. If someone says, "I am a person of integrity; I’m not a crook!” and then, spends all week ripping people off, walking and acting like a crook; therefore, in spite of what they might think themselves to be, or what they want others to believe about them, their actions betray them to be a crook!

The same is true when it comes to issues in our lives that have become life-controlling. We may not want to view ourselves, or even admit to our selves that certain issues have gotten a stranglehold on our lives, but if those issues continue to surface--time after time, after time, whether or not we believe that they are issues, they ARE issues! We call this a form of denial; denial will paralyze us from pursuing positive change in our lives, and will result in a downward spiral into addictions of all types and sorts!

So, look at yourself: are there things going on in your life that continue to bring you unpleasant consequences, or unnecessary problems? If so, perhaps you need to take a closer look. See if there is something that everyone else is seeing, that denial has kept you from seeing for yourself. Maybe you don’t think that you’re lifestyle is an unhealthy one, but maybe your body is telling you that it is! Physical, emotional, and even spiritual “symptoms” continue to manifest themselves in your life, and are critical enough that changes need to be made so that the conditions don’t continue to worsen. “If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…the chances are, it’s a duck!”

Don’t let denial paralyze you from moving toward positive, healthy change in your life. You deserve different, and those who love and care about you want you to get real, so that you can be healed! If indeed that is what you desire, come and join me next time, as we talk about confessing our need to change. See you there!

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