I’d like to welcome each and everyone you to this new series I’ve entitled “Breaking Free!” In our past discussions, we talked about life change; but the question I’m quite sure you’ve found yourself asking, is “How does life really change when the effects of the past still remain?” Well, that’s a very good question! In fact, it’s such a good question that I feel that it’s necessary for us to explore the ways in which we can cope with the effects of the past!

Have you ever had to have stitches? Have you ever had a broken bone? Have you ever been cut with a knife? Ever been the victim of a gunshot? Perhaps some of you been wounded in a war? If so, “Thank you!” for serving your country, but I’m so sorry for the wound that serves to remind you on a daily basis!

These are all very common types of wounds that more than likely, a number of you have experienced. I know that I have; I don’t like pain! I have a very low tolerance for pain, and I don’t know of anyone who really enjoys it!

I want to talk to you about a different kind of wound; wounds that are hidden, and are not treatable with Bactine or a Band Aid. They’re called hidden wounds; what are they? They are wounds that come from fears, worries, resentments, memories, or regrets of our past. Things that are the result of pain that has been inflicted upon us; criticisms that have been made about us; rejection; abandonment; prejudice; or ridicule.

Where do we get them from? Everywhere! Perhaps you’ve heard it said, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!” That statement is a lie! Words are much more hurtful than sticks and stones! Perhaps some of you still remember things that were said to you as a little kid, hurtful things that you’ve never forgotten. You can get wounds from friends; you can get them where you work; you can get them from just about anywhere! Perhaps you’ve been a victim of prejudice; maybe you have an accent, or speak a language that causes others to be prejudiced against you. Sadly, the color of one’s skin has caused countless millions to have experienced prejudice. It doesn’t end there, maybe by virtue of your gender you’ve had prejudice against you; that hurts, and it hurts deeply.

The deepest wounds of all come from our own families; parents; siblings; ex-spouses; and even our children. Those wounds hurt more deeply than any others!

If there is a comfort to be found in hidden wounds, it is the fact that everybody has them! Everybody! I have them; you have them; even people that seem as if they have their life together, and seem to be on top of the world have them. You can be beautiful and successful and wealthy and still be wounded on the inside.

The thing about hidden wounds is that they are harder to heal than physical wounds. The good news is that God wants to heal your wounds! In fact, that’s why you’re here! I don’t believe that you’re here by accident. God wants you to know that He wants to heal your hidden wounds!

The Bible tells us in Psalm 147.3, that “God heals the brokenhearted, and He bandages their wounds.” How does He do that? How does God heal my hidden hurts? In this series, we’re going to identify six elements of how God can set you free from your past, and heal you from your hidden wounds; my name is Terry, and I hope that you’ll join me in Session Two. See you there!

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