Hello, again! My name is Terry, and I’m glad that you came back to join me in our second session! We’re talking about “Healing the Hidden Wound”, and in this session, we’re going to talk about the first step in the process. That first step is admitting your hurt. You’re never going to get well until you face your feelings straight on. Some have said, “Time heals all wounds.” That is a lie! Time heals nothing! If you have cancer, are you going to wait for time to heal it? Of course, not! In fact, time will only make it worse if you don’t do anything about it! If you are bleeding because a limb has been severed, you’ll eventually bleed to death unless you do something about it. You’re not going to get better by time, you’re going to get worse. If time healed all wounds, we could just sit in the Doctor’s office Waiting Room, and never have to worry about how long we’ve been sitting there, because we wouldn’t need to see the doctor!

In Psalm 39, the psalmist David says this, “I kept very quiet but I became even more upset. I became very angry inside, and as I thought about it, my anger burned.” What is he saying? He’s saying, “Someone hurt me, and I’m hating it. In fact, I hate them! I’m ticked off at what they did to me, and I don’t like it!” The more he held it inside he said, “The angrier I got.”

People respond to getting hurt in many different ways. Most often, they just clam up. There’s a real danger in that, you know. A volcano is a volcano because it’s got hot, molten lava building up pressure inside it, and it keeps getting hotter and hotter, and more explosive until one day, it begins to seep through the cracks in the mountain. When that happens, someone’s gonna get hurt! In the case of “people”, that someone may be ourselves! The same is true for people who try to just forget it. They repress their feelings, push them way down deep inside until the resentments begin to pile up. As the “pile” gets deeper and deeper, the hurt begins to smolder, and get hot; eventually, the pressure and the heat have to find a release!

Another way that people respond to getting hurt is by trying to avoid it; others try to ignore it; they say, “It’s no big deal!” Perhaps you are doing that, and as a result, you feel weak all the time. Why? Because you’re holding on to these emotional hurts, rather than dealing with them. They may have happened years ago, or they may have happened six weeks ago, but they’re still pulling you down. So, why then does it keep them awake at night, rehearsing and nursing it? Maybe you’re tired; in fact, you find yourself tired all the time. You’re fatigued; you’re worn out; you drag through your days. You’re just sick and tired of being sick and tired! The reason is that you’re using up all your emotional energy on the past! You then spend so much of your time resenting and regretting, thinking about that person who hurt you, thinking about getting even, and all your energy is focused on that. That’s using up emotional energy, so you have no energy to get on with your life; it’s emotionally draining. David said, in Psalm 32, “When I kept things to myself I felt weak deep inside me and I moaned all day long.”

Still other people try to escape from their pain; in fact, a lot of people do. Our society is built on escaping pain. People do it all different ways. Moving from relationship to relationship, or from bed to bed, thinking maybe this will be the answer to fill the emptiness in their heart. Some people use medication; some use prescription drugs; some use illicit drugs. Some people fill their minds with television, or their belly with food. Some wrap themselves up in a hobby, or a sport, or they keep themselves so busy that they wear themselves out! The reason people become workaholics is because they don’t want to have to stop and think. When they put their head on their pillow at night, they want to fall right to sleep, because they don’t want to have to think about the pain that will not go away!

Friend, I’m sorry for your pain! There is, however, an answer. I’m going to share it with you in our next session. The healing process must start with owning up to you hurt. You must admit it. None of these other “methods” work--covering it up, ignoring it, escaping it and things like that. You just have to be honest. Honest with who? Honest with three people. First, you’ve got to be honest with God. Then, you’ve got to be honest with yourself. Then, you’ve got to be honest with at least one person that you trust. You might be thinking, “I can do the first two, but I don’t like the third one! I don’t trust anyone that much!” Well, good luck! It’s going to be very difficult for you to get well if you don’t do all three!

We’ll talk about these next two “people” that you’ve got to be honest with in our next session. Hey! You’ve already come to terms with that first person—YOU! I hope you join me for Session Three.

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