Hi, this is Terry, and welcome back for Session Three of our series, “Healing the Hidden Wound.” We talked in our last session about the importance of being honest with yourself, and admitting your hurt. I do hope you’ve taken that step, because without it, the next two won’t ever happen! We also mentioned that it’s important that you be honest with God, and with at least one other person whom you trust. It’s vitally important that these next two steps be taken, in order to start the steps toward your healing from your hidden wound!

So, you now have to be honest with God. Friends, it’s okay to say, “God, life sucks! I’m in pain, and God, it’s not fair!” What we sometimes don’t realize is that God can handle your anger! His heart breaks when our heart is breaking; He weeps with us when we are weeping. When He saw that abuse that has been inflicted upon us, that pain, that “stuff” that we went through, that shame, He was there weeping! You just need to be honest with God; you can, because the fact is, that He already knows it anyway! You’ll be amazed how much better you will feel by just admitting it to God!

Next, you need to be honest with at least one other person; it’s absolutely essential! The bottom line is that you’re not going to get well on your own. James 5.16 says this: “Confess your sin to each other, and pray for each other so that you may be healed.” You want to be healed? There it is! Notice that it doesn’t say, “Confess your sins to a priest.” That would be okay, but that’s not what it’s saying! Neither does it say, “Confess your sins to a pastor.” That, too, would be okay, but that’s not what it’s saying! It doesn’t say, “Confess your sins to a therapist.” That would be okay but that’s not what it’s saying, either! It says, “to each other”; I want you to hear this: revealing your feeling is the beginning of healing!

Whenever somebody comes up to me, and says, “Terry, I’ve just got to get this off my chest. I’ve never told this to anybody…” When they make that statement, I start to get hopeful inside, because I know it doesn’t matter what they’re going to say. It’s really irrelevant; it’s not about what, it’s that what they’re about to say is a matter of them releasing something that has held them in it’s grip! They’re getting ready to experience liberation for the first time in a long time! FREEDOM!! It’s like opening a closet, and letting the boogeyman out, and now somebody else knows it, so they’re not having to carry it on their own! That in itself is healing!

Those things that we hold on to, those secrets; could it not be said that you’re only as sick as your secrets? That thing that you’re embarrassed by, that thing you resent; you need to tell somebody about it!--somebody you trust! If you don’t have anybody, you could tell me; my e-mail is available to you on the Website that you’re logged on to. Just drop me a line, and if no one else is available to hear you out, and to make themselves available for you to “vent” to, I’ll make myself available! That’s what I do, and I can assure you that no one else will ever know except you and me! All I need is a name; whether a real name, or a fake one; it doesn’t matter! God knows who you are, and that’s all that’s important!

Once you’ve taken these next two steps, you’re well on your way to finding the healing for your hidden wound! That is the beginning, and the most important and difficult part of the healing process. In our next session, I’ll help you with the process of applying that healing to the needed areas of your life. I do hope you’ll join me for our next session!

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