"The Good Old Days!"

Hello again! It has been awhile since I’ve “blogged”, but please believe me when I tell you that the time in between blogs has not been without a great deal of thought and consideration about the topic of my next one!

Eight-and-a-half years ago, I found myself in the midst of an extended time of spending time with my elderly parents; my Dad was getting ready to turn 90, and my Mom is going was going to be 86 that next May. I had purposely set aside this time, not just for the necessity of dealing with some much-needed discussion concerning issues that oft times demands the attention of children of elderly parents, but for the purpose of enriching my own life with their recipe for “living well.” I thank God daily for the fact that I was blessed to have had both of my parents remain a part of my life for nearly 56 years, and that I now have had 60 years with my sweet Mom! I have been blessed to have been raised under their Godly influence, as well as the effect of their steadfast relationship with God. However, when I evaluate my life, and the manner in which I am living it, I wonder if it will one be said of me, that my life was “lived well?” When Dad went home to be with Jesus in November of 2011, he could truly say that his was a life “well-lived!”

Over those few days that I was privileged to have spent with them, I figuratively became a “sponge”, literally soaking in the experiences and the lessons learned from the many days, and many experiences that my parents had lived through. Nearly seventy-two years they ultimately spent together as husband and wife! I believe that it can safely be said that the world changes that they witnessed both together, and even more so, over the course of their individual lives, are astounding! I stagger when I consider all the changes that they had to learn to cope with; I’m sure that most of us have learned that such change is not easy! The habits and routines that we allow to govern our lives, just by the very nature of the world that we live in, must eventually be subjected to change! I learned from them that even though change and flexibility were often difficult to deal with, they were able to “cope” because of an unchangeable aspect of their lives—their relationship with God!

They often referred to the “good old days” in reference to everything from the government, to their lives spent on the farm, to the “good old days” of the Church. They spoke of those entities in terms of integrity; honesty; hard work; and revival. Of course, when it comes to the term “revival”, their reference was to the noun, and not the verb! Revival for them was a nightly event that could last anywhere from a week to two months. That “event” was designed to bring about spiritual growth, both in the individual, as well as in the Church. I sensed, though, that what they seemed to miss about that event known to them as “revival”, was not so much the event, as it was the renewal and passion that God brought to their lives being lived for Him. We may no longer participate in that particular “event”, at least to the extent that it was in their “good old days”, but I pray that we daily experience the passion that resulted from that experience for them! How can that happen, when those “events” no longer occur? Because the Author of that passion, our Lord Jesus, has NOT changed! He IS the same—yesterday, today, and forever! “Revival”, if you still want to call it that, is still available! It is no longer just something that an evangelist conducts at a local Church; it is something that we must passionately pursue in our relationship with God, keeping the life that He brings to us, alive and burning within us. I am convinced that such passionate pursuit of God is the secret ingredient for the “recipe” of a life lived well!

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