We are so excited to partner with Truelife.org in offering what we believe to be a very important tool for our webpage! Truelife.org is an evangelistic Organization whose goal is to reach as many with the Good News of Jesus as is possible, and their goal coincides perfectly with our goal: to reach the Liberal, KS and surrounding areas with the Good News, AND to disciple those who receive that Good News through our local Church here at Trinity Faith! We share Truelife's opinion that many people in the world today are seeking answers to the hard questions of life, and unfortunately, many seek those answers in all the wrong areas! In their search for those answers, many people don't want to make the effort of going to a local Church, so together with Truelife, we are making it possible for those who are seeking, to find answers right here on our Webpage! We are adding Truelife's VideoPlayer to our Page, and by simply clicking on any one of the topics listed below, you will be taken to a menu of short, 5-8 minute videos about that topic, and what  the Bible has to say about them.  These videos are done in very high quality, and we think that they will at least "steer you in the right direction!" for finding the answers that you are seeking! So, go ahead and "click" one of the topics below, and try it out! We think you'll love it!

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