Student Ministries

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, TFC offers ministry to all ages! We are particularly blessed to have a young man who grew up in TFC Youth, in whom God is doing some wonderful things, who now leads our young people, and he would love to meet your teenagers!

TFC Youth meet upstairs on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM, for fun, fellowship, dynamic worship, a Word from God, and powerful prayer time! One of our own, Caileb Dover, now leads our Youth, and is committed to raising up a powerful Youth influence in our community.  The Youth have many activities that provide great food, fun, and a healthy environment for young people to live out their faith among their peers.  Summer camps; concert trips; and overnight camping trips are just a few of the many exciting activities for your teens to get involved in!





“Create in me a CLEAN heart and RENEW a right spirit within me, O God!”-Psalms 51


When:  AUGUST 2, 2020


Where:  Camp Gibson (outside of Hardesty, Ok)

We are so very excited to have you join us for a day of fun! With the season that we are in no matter our age, it is time to RESET and RESTORE our will, mind, and emotions with the Word of God!  We hope and pray that YOU will join us. Here is what the day will look like:



  • 9am: Arrive and take registration forms

  • 10am: Service

  • 11:30-12:30pm: LUNCH

  • 12:30-1:00pm: Small groups

  • 1-5:00pm FREE TIME (3 alternating groups/swimming, water slide, and outdoor games.)

  • 5-6:00pm DINNER

  • 6-7:30pm: Evening service

  • 7:30pm Ice cream and good-byes

  • 8pm Clean up and head home!



**Worship leader: Kendra Dorris. Kendra is the youth pastor at The Filling Station in Follet, TX.


**Main Speaker:  Daniel Anima. He is a graduate of Spearman, TX and is currently attending the Apostolic Faith Bible College in Baxter Springs, KS.


**Hosts: Adam and Melissa Garza. They are members of the Trinity Faith Church in Liberal, KS. 



I give permission for _______________________ to attend Camp Gibson on August 2, 2020. In case of an accident, I give ______________(youth pastor) permission to sign any medical papers, so that my child can receive treatment in case of an emergency. I will not hold Camp Gibson, the hosts, or the youth pastors liable for accidents due to misconduct.


Due to this covid pandemic, make sure your child does NOT have a fever or is sick in any manner. The youth pastors are responsible for making sure NOONE attends with a fever or sick symptoms. If your child has allergies, please send medicine with the youth pastor or administer before going.


The hosts and other supervising staff will have sanitizers available at all times. Our meals will be “simple” to reduce contamination. Games will be broken down in groups as well to reduce contact. Masks are optional, due to the small numbers of active cases in the surrounding area.


Your child will need to bring the following items:

  • $10 registration fee and SIGNED RELEASE FORM

  • Swimsuit or trunks

-Girls: 2 piece must include a colored t-shirt

-Guys: a t-shirt or tank top must be worn with trunks



  • Change of clothes (optional)

  • Sunscreen (must be applied by themselves)



  • Snacks (optional)



Guardian signature:_______________________DATE:________

                                                *YOUTH PASTORS INFO*



RESET and RESTORE “Create in me a CLEAN heart, and RESTORE/RENEW a right spirit within ME, OH GOD!” -Psalms 51

Another great one is “Let the words of my mouth, AND the meditations of my heart, be ACCEPTABLE to you Lord, MY strength, and MY redeemer.” Psalm 19:14


I believe, we can ALL agree that each of us need to RESET and RESTORE our mind, will, and emotions, FIXED BACK 100% ON THE FATHER! We are headed back into schools, some face to face, some distance learning. These are unpredictable times. SUCIDE rates are rising, CHAOS is rising, evil is rising, BUT we have a GOD THAT CAN SUPPLY SUPERNATURAL POWER, PROTESTION, AND PERSPECTIVE at the same time. He is an EVER PRESENT GOD!


Our mission: To be willing to serve all young people during this difficult time, and give them the HOPE OF JESUS CHRIST!! RESET their minds and hearts! RESTORE their identity in HIM!


Things we need from YOU:

-How many will be attending in your group. You will text that number to Melissa Garza BY JULY 29TH.  Her cell# 620-655-0325

-YOU MUST take each teen’s temp BEFORE leaving to the camp.

- Breakfast will not be served so please feed your teens or make sure they eat before coming.

-YOU MUST collect ALL electronics upon arrival to the camp. Cell phones are not permitted during camp times. YOU are welcome to take pictures and share them with your groups afterward.

-COLLECT FORMS AND $10 FEE, please turn in during registration

-PROVIDE SNACKS for your group during free time. We will provide some, but kids LOVE TO EAT! LOL!

-Make sure they have everything on their list. YOU are welcome to swim with them, same rules apply for adults ;)

-Please help during the day wherever is needed: Free time, discussion time, and clean up.